Dog Parks: Stretch all six legs… at home and while traveling


Exercise is good for the body and the soul. Besides the physical benefits, it also gives you and your dog a chance to get out and enjoy each other’s company, and to socialize with like-minded pet lovers. Most dog parks are open during daylight hours all year long. At one new dog park in Biddeford, Maine, you can find four-legged friends frolicking in the mid-winter snows! So get outdoors and have fun, any time of year. 

To find a local dog park in your area and near the places you travel to and from, check out this website: It lists parks by region of the country. It also allows you to share your favorites with others.

You might also find that some dog parks have groups on Twitter or Facebook. You can even use these sites to make “play dates” for your pet.

Ready to try it out? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be prepared to clean up after your dog. Bring a pooper-scooper and bags.
  • Don’t forget the water—for both of you.
  • Bring a leash, just in case there are some behavior problems.
  • If your dog isn’t used to being around other animals, people and noise, think twice about taking him to a dog park. At first, choose times or days when no one else is there. This will socialize your dog slowly.
  • Keep tabs on your pet. Keep him in sight and correct any misbehavior.

Some dog parks are simple, with just a large, open, fenced-in area. Others, like this one in Delaware, Ohio, have more elaborate features like a swimming area and a training course.

Do you have a dog park in your area? Do you bring your pet there often? Tell us in the comments!

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