Dog Marking in House

Is your neutered, male dog marking in the house? Find out why, and learn how to get rid of this unpleasant behavior.

While male dogs may be cute and have many endearing qualities, they do come with one annoying little habit: marking their territory. Dogs in general are known for their loyalty. But male dogs can display this through bodily functions. When a male dog marks its territory, it releases a small amount of urine. Thought the dog does not fully release its bladder, even that small amount that will leave behind the smell. The thought behind this action, for dogs, is that it shows their territory and what belongs to them.

It is important to know that a male dog marking its territory is not done out of spite, or because it wants to purposely be naughty. Rather, he does it out of insecurity. The insecurity most likely stems from your pet feeling that its space is being invaded by others.

While getting your pooch neutered at an early age can reduce the risk of marking, it does not always stop the behavior. Listed below are some tips to help make your pet feel more secure in the home.

  • Allow your dog to meet your friends and family, on his terms. When you have a visitor in your home, allow your pet to meet the new friend in a way that seems safe to him. The visitor might need to keep his distance at first, for example, and let your pooch approach in his own time. This will hopefully put your pooch at ease.
  • Another option: establish yourself as the “pack leader.” Dogs are pack animals by nature, and while your dog is your companion, you also need to set boundaries. This means that if marking occurs, your pet should know that that is not an appropriate behavior. You send that message by reprimanding your dog, and quickly getting the smell off of whatever was marked on.

I hope this is a good start. For other tips or suggestions, speak with your veterinarian.

Did you have this problem with your dog? How did you stop it? Share tips with us in the comment section!

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