Dog Facts

Think you know a lot about dogs? To test that theory, keep reading for some crazy facts about dogs!

Dogs have a reputation of being man’s best friend, but how much do you know about your furry companion? To give you a little more insight, here are four fascinating facts about your pooch.

  • Strong Ears: Your pet has twice as many muscles in its ear than you do. This allows the ears to move and pivot, which is a pretty useful trick!
  • Cooling System: Your pooch does not sweat the same way that you do. Dogs have a built-in cooling system, and they perspire through the pads on their feet. If you see wet paw prints on a warm summer’s day, you now know why! Also, your pet panting actually serves a purpose. Dogs dispense heat, or cool down, by breathing heavily, or panting. Just be sure to know the difference between normal panting and panting that indicates overheating.
  • Night-time Vision: Wish you could see better in the dark? Well, your pet can! Dogs have a special membrane in their eyes called the tapetum lucidum. This membrane allows them to see better in the dark than humans do.
  • Special Noses: Have you ever wondered why your pooch’s nose is always so wet? Your pet’s nose secretes a thin layer of mucous, or snot. This layer helps a dog absorb smells and scents. If you see your pet licks its wet nose, it is trying to sample the scent through its mouth.

Hopefully you now know something new about your furry best friend!

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