Dog Ear Care

Pets, especially dogs, have longer and considerably furrier ears than humans. This means that a dog’s ears need to have a grooming schedule of their own to remain happy and healthy.

While you should always have a watchful eye on your pooch’s ears, it really only takes a few easy steps to help keep them clean. An easy way to make sure you check your pet’s ears is to incorporate it into your daily or weekly grooming routine. This is especially important if you are the pet owner of a dog that has lots of earwax, or has a lot of fur surrounding its ears.

The first step in good ear hygiene is to learn how to properly wash dog's ears. The only supplies you will need are cotton balls or pads, plus an ear cleaning solution. When it comes to picking a solution, find an all-natural solution that doesn’t have alcohol. It’s also helpful to have the solution in a squirt bottle, to it’s easy to use.

The steps for cleaning an ear are:

  1. Hold the squirt bottle in one hand, and your pet’s ear in another. Gently squirt a small amount of the solution in that ear.
  2. Quickly close the ear and massage the base of that ear for a few seconds. As you massage that area, you should hear the liquid moving around. You might want to talk sweetly to your pet to—so he’ll think he’s just getting lots of love.
  3. Remove your hand from your dog’s ear. At this point, your pet will want to shake its head, and that is okay! Let your pooch shake its head for a minute or two.
  4. Next, take your cotton ball or pad and wipe out any dirt or moisture that is coming out of your pet’s ear. All that shaking that happened earlier flushed out the dirt and wax so that you can wipe it away.
  5. Repeat on the opposite ear.

While cleaning out your dog’s ear is a simple process, there are still some precautions. Never use your fingers or Q-tips. That would hurt! For more cleaning advice and tips, talk to your veterinarian.

How often do you clean your dog's ears? Share any tips you have with us in the comments!

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