Dog Chewing on Shoes

Have you experienced the bad habit of a dog chewing shoes? Now it’s time to fix that! Below are some helpful tips to train your pooch to chew only on the proper items.

We have all had that one moment of walking into a room and seeing your beloved pooch with a favorite chew toy—beloved, that is, until the “toy” she chewed up is your brand new Rainbow flip-flops (and that dog knows who she is). However, if you are a frustrated owner of a dog who likes to chew on the wrong things, have no fear! There are some fast and easy tips on how to stop a dog from chewing to get a content pooch and a happy owner.

  • Purchase a spray that smells bad, but only to dogs. A common scent used to deter dogs and puppies is the bitter apple scent, which both smells and tastes bad to dogs. Humans, however, rarely notice the smell. To use the spray, coat the entire shoe, pillow or other chew-magnet. Get inside, outside, underneath and all around the item. (You might want to test the item for color-fastness first. Follow instructions on the container.) When the scent begins to fade, spray some more until your puppy stops teething or your dog is fully trained. These sprays can be found in pet stores and animal clinics.
  • Have some fun distractions available. When you first notice the chewing, call your pet by name. Then wave around an alternative toy such as a rubber bone or chew rope. When he starts playing with the toy, reward him with a treat. The reward will instill that the toy is the proper item to chew. Over time, he’ll prefer the chew toy, with or without a treat.
  • Keep your shoes out of reach. While this technique doesn’t entirely fix the problem, if the shoes are out of reach then your dog can’t chew on them. Buy other items instead, such as chewing bones that are made especially for dogs. If you have a puppy, ask your vet what kind he/she recommends.

With these different strategies, having a pair of shoes without teeth marks is a few simple steps away!

How did you get your dog to chew on toys only? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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