Dog Car Seats

Buckle up Fido! While more and more pet accessories make things convenient, are the new dog car seats actually necessary?

Sure, the typical scene of a dog in a car is the dog partially in the car and partially out the window, tongue rolling in the breeze. But is that the safest way for your beloved pet to travel? Dog car seats are now being sold in major pet stores and online sites, along with the local pet stores too. So what exactly are these dog car seats, and how do they help our pooches?

A dog car seat is, well, a car seat. It’s essentially a baby car seat for dogs. Along with the seat being anchored into the car, your dog’s leash is also tied onto the seat. And for your pet’s enjoyment, most seats have elevated cushions that allow for the dog to look outside the window.

So, do doggie car seats help? As it turns out, a car seat for dogs is helpful to the pet and human alike. It can actually be very dangerous for your dog to be allowed to freely roam the car. One extremely good reason to secure a pet is that if you were to get into an accident, your dog might have very serious or fatal injuries. Without being anchored into a car seat, your pet could be thrown from the vehicle, or tossed around inside during a very serious car crash.

As for your safety, having your dog roam freely could make you distracted. Your pet, loving as it may be, could get in the way of movements or block views, both of which are very dangerous while in a moving car.

So, while jackets and strollers might seem like “fun” pet accessories, getting a car seat may be a very healthy decision for your on-the-go pooch.

Do you have a car seat for your dog? Tell us in the comments!

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