Do Dogs Get Dry Skin?

Do Dogs Get Dry Skin? They Can, Especially in Wintertime

Photo by Gorazd Vahen / CC BY-NC

Dry and itchy skin is a common occurrence in humans, especially in the wintertime. You might be surprised that winter—and other rather surprising things—affect dogs’ skin.

I was talking with my roommate the other day when she mentioned dogs having dry skin. I was fairly surprised to hear her say that, as I have never heard of such a thing. Come to find out, dry skin is very common in pooches.

My research showed that dogs really do suffer from dry skin! If you notice your pet scratching and begin to see flakes of dandruff, that is a good sign that your animal is suffering from this condition. Or you might find your pooch’s skin to be tough and cracked, which is also a sign of dry skin. This can occur on any part of your furry friend’s body. It can be influenced by living in an area with low humidity, or by colder temperatures with low humidity. This also means that your pet is more likely to get dry skin in the wintertime, just like humans!

Other factors can also cause dry skin. For example, an important one is what your dog eats. I think this surprised me more than the fact that dogs have dry skin! Commercial pet foods often don’t incorporate the good oils that contribute to healthy skin and coat of fur. And dry foods can actually dehydrate your pet’s skin and hair!

If your canine loves his dry food, try investing in digestive enzymes. Enzymes improve the release of nutrients and assist in the digestive process. A healthy digestive system then absorbs fluids more easily from the food your dog eats. This results in improved hydration and increased moisture levels in your pet’s skin and coat. Another method to try is making sure your dog is getting vitamin E. You can give your dog a massage using vitamin E oil or you can let him soak in a bath with vitamin E added to the water.

You can find digestive enzymes and vitamin E online or through your veterinary clinic. For more ideas, talk with your veterinarian.

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