Dachshund Back Problems

Fido, what’s wrong with your back? The Dachshund’s body type may be too cute for words, but it can come with some serious dog back pain.

The infamous nickname for the Dachshund breed is “wiener dog.” This is because, well, this breed has the shape of a hotdog. While this makes the breed very cute and unique, it does have its disadvantages. These dogs are more susceptible to back problems.

Unfortunately, but perhaps expectedly, when a Dachshund becomes overweight, it has more stress on its back. This creates a problem, especially if they jump from high places, even from a piece of furniture to the ground. If your pet jumps from a high place, it can rupture a disk. This condition is called Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVD). While surgery is definitely an option, cage-rest and other natural remedies are also available.

Does your Dachshund have this problem? If you notice that he cannot stand on all four legs equally, he might. The best course of action then would be to immediately take him to your veterinarian.

You can take some steps to prevent this from happening to your pet again—or ever. First, watch your pooch’s diet, and don’t overfeed. Also, help keep the pressure of its back as well as you possibly can. One way is to consider how you pick up your pet. It’s best to pick up Dachshunds horizontally, and with two hands. If you pick up this breed by it’s front two paws, it’s back will be unsupported. Finally, invest in some stairs or ramps for your pet to get on and off the furniture, or just want to make it a habit of helping him off and onto high places.

If you have specific questions regarding your pet’s back, consult your veterinarian.

Do you have a dachshund? What steps do you take to avoid back problems?

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