Crazy cats, owners at the end of their wits, "My Cat from Hell" is pure comedy!

I’ve loved Cesar Milan and his “Dog Whisperer” show on the National Geographic channel since I saw my first episode four years ago –and I don’t even own a dog. There’s just something awe-inspiring about the insight he seems to have into the minds and behaviors of troubled dogs (and their equally troubled owners). I’ve watched the show faithfully for years, sharing the wisdom I gleaned with my dog owning friends and critiquing the dog walking skills of my neighbors (though only to myself, of course).
I now have a new hero. Enter Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat from Hell,” a new show on the Animal Planet channel. Since its debut on May 7, I have not missed an episode. It’s enthralling. It’s captivating. It’s also utterly hilarious. I believe it was Darby Conley, the cartoonist responsible for “Get Fuzzy”, who once stated that dogs are tragic figures where as cats are pure comedy. I’ve always believed this to be a correct assessment. “My Cat from Hell” proves the point.
I am in no way saying that I enjoy watching cats endure uncomfortable situations –far from it. But when you’re a cat owner, you have to find the funny in all of their crazy antics (hissing, scratching, and vomiting anyone?). Even the cats’ owners laugh or crack a smile as they describe their feline’s “issues” to an attentive Jackson. And, of course, it’s all sunshine and sprinkles in the end, as Jackson enlightens the humans and soothes their savage beasts.

You can catch “My Cat from Hell” for yourself at 9 p.m. Eastern, Saturdays, on Animal Planet. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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