Creative Crafts for Kittens!

You know your kitten will play with just about everything.  Kick things up a notch for the both of you with homemade pet toys and accessories.
Handmade toys are cute, fun and very cheap! Make them yourself or get the children in your life in on the fun. These ideas come from the queen of crafting herself, Martha Stewart. Don’t worry, we’ll save the elaborate pine-cone centerpieces for later. These crafts are super easy.
Something’s fishy. Cats love socks, catnip and fish. Combine all three by making a catnip fish out of an old sock. Just fill an old sock halfway with catnip and make a knot to close it, and the remainder of the sock becomes the tail fins, at least to kitty. An optional step: Cut out felt eyes and a mouth and sew them on for good measure. Or just use needle and yarn to create these features. Voila! You have just made the perfect cat toy. Feel free to tie a string firmly around the fins, and see how much fun you and your kitty can have “fishing.”
Boxed in. Your cat is already queen of the house, so why not build her a second empire. You’ll need three boxes and a hot glue gun. For her new kitty palace use two boxes for the house and one for the roof. For the bottom boxes, cut out windows and a door. Then use hot glue to close the bottom. For the top box, remove one flap from the bottom so your kitten can get to the second story. Then cut out windows and a door there, too. Glue down the extra cardboard flap to reinforce this floor. To top it off, cut the ends off the third box. Then cut along the length of one edge so you can fold the cardboard into a triangle with open ends (with two panels overlapping completely to form a heavy bottom.) Glue it on top. Want to get fancy? Cut angles or just holes out of the roof to build a gabled rooftop or kitty skylight.

Get Busy! Do you have any of your own creative ideas for homemade pet toys. Please share them with us below.

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