Cow Appreciation Day

July 13 is Cow Appreciation Day, so…MOO! While they aren’t typically your standard household pet, cows are important animals to the American lifestyle. And for those who live on farms, a cow could very well be the beloved family pet. So, in honor of Cow Appreciation day, let’s consider how to make her life on the farm a great one.

Though cows are extremely large creatures and really don’t need a ton of human interaction, they do have a lot of specific needs. First, and probably no surprise, cows need lots of open space to roam and graze. Also, cows are loud! Cows really don’t like being hungry, so if the grass isn’t hitting the spot, you will know it. Also, cows get loud in the heat. Something tells me the Sunny South wouldn’t exactly be a cow’s idea of a vacation.

Also, cows make quite the mess. Those that are confined to the same pasture can make it incredibly messy. The reason: They have a lot of manure (in other words, they have to use the bathroom…. a lot!). So the pasture itself requires a lot of upkeep.

Surprisingly, cows are great Houdini’s! In other words, they are great escape artists. So the pasture requires a fence that needs to be kept in tip-top shape. Otherwise, your cow might roam, creating angry—or maybe scared—neighbors. 

As with any other pet, be aware of common diseases and injuries to these large, usually gentle creatures. The same vet who sees your dog may not be the right one for your pet cow. Enlist the help of a special veterinarian with a good working knowledge of cows.

Cows make great farm animals, but what about a cow as a pet? That’s for you to decide on your own! Post your thoughts in the comment section below!

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