Cool Dog Tricks

Play dead? Fido can top that! Playing dead is for amateurs. Teach your dog tricks that are exciting and new!

The next time you decide to have guests over to your home, don’t put your four-legged family member in its crate. Allow him to entertain! Teach your dog a few simple tricks. The time you two spend together will bring you closer. Plus, when he masters these tricks, he’ll amaze your guests.

  • Shake hands: Allow your pet to introduce himself, the American way!
  • Crawl: Your dog will be ready for army basic training after he learns this trick!
  • Kiss: Who doesn’t love a good kiss from their lovable pooch?
  • Which hand has the prize?: The magic trick is no longer just for humans, your dog can play too. We’ve even seen cats that politely paw at a closed hand  that hold a yummy treat.
  • Take a bow: Your dog deserves one after putting on this show!
  • Wave: Your pal introduced himself, now it’s time to say good-bye.

Teaching your dog other tricks can be useful, as well as entertaining. Here are some tricks that can have your pet helping you out around the house:

  • Putting away his toys: He got them out, he should put them away!
  • Turning off lights: Not sure this trick will work for Chihuahuas, but big dogs can learn.

More than a trick, dogs can also keep people safe. For example, did you know that diabetes service dogs can fetch medicine and drinks when their owners have blood sugar lows? Find out more here.

For more fun trick ideas, along with instructions and videos on training, please visit and

Do you have any special tricks you taught your dog? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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