Collar and Leash Fit

The best pet collar isn’t the most flashy one. It’s the one that fits comfortably and safely.

While purchasing a collar and leash may seem like the simplest part of adopting a new pet, it still has its complications. After you adopt a pet, or when you simply need to buy a new collar, it is important to take note of the proper sizing for your pet. If a collar isn’t sized well or fits uncomfortably, it can rub sores on your pet’s neck. Even more alarming, if the collar is too big, it can easily slip off your pet. No one wants a “naked” pet, but a pet without a leash can be a danger in some situations!  

There are two different types of collars that are commonly used on pets. One is the buckle collar, which has a handle to hold your pet’s tags. The other is the training collar, which adjusts when it is used as a leash. This training collar gives the pet owner much more control over the pet, since the collar will adjust higher on the neck when the dog pulls or strains on the leash. This type of “slip collar” is usually made out of metal chains or braided nylon. No matter what type of collar you use, if your pet begins to gag or wheeze in any way, the collar is adjusted improperly. 

The standard rule when measuring a collar is that two fingers should be able to fit between the collar and the throat. To start, get a measurement. You can use a tape measure, or simply cut a cord to the length that fits around the neck. Because there are a lot of variables that depend on the type of pet and size, ask a vet or pet store expert to help you use this information to find the right size collar.

With the right collar and/or leash, your pet will be a pretty site to behold, and a safe pet, as well.

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