Cleaning a Fish Tank

Scrub a dub in the…tank! A clean tank makes for a happy fish.

Pet fish are certainly much more low-maintenance than a dog or cat. However, their tanks require maintenance to ensure that your fishy friends remain happy and healthy. Very much like your room, a fish’s tank should be looked at every day and cleaned about once a week. Here's how to clean a fish tank:

Every day, check:

  • Water Temperature: It will change throughout the day, especially if it is in a sunlit place. However, you should notice any major changes (hot or cold).  
  • Equipment check: Make sure the filter, lights and any other equipment are working properly in your tank.
  • Water check: The water should not be cloudy or smell bad.
  • Behavior check: This one’s for your fish. Make sure they’re swimming around normally. Swimming in circles is normally fine, but floating at the very top is not. 

Every week, look at:

  • No pollution in the tank! For any plants in your fish tank, be sure no leaves have become detached. That becomes “pollution” for your fish.
  • Clean off that pirate ship! And swab the decks while you’re at it. Use an algae magnet or scraper to remove algae from the tank walls. Be sure to also check any decorations that you may have in your tank.

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Do you have pet fish? Share your tips with us for a clean fish tank!

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