Christmas Tree Safety for Pets

chloe in christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! With Christmas right around the corner, you are probably starting to think about the holiday decorations. Learn how to keep your home pretty and your pets safe.

Last year, my roommate decided that she wanted to get into the Christmas spirit and purchase a live tree. While this seemed like a great idea, she didn’t realize the problems this could cause with her cat, Mitzy. I love Mitzy, but she can be a troublemaker. Not a day went by that she didn’t try to climb the tree, or try to drink from its water stand. If you are considering purchasing a Christmas tree this year, here are some Christmas tree safety tips to keep both your pet and your tree safe this holiday season.

  • Place your tree in a corner or otherwise blocked off from your animal’s sight. If your critter still tries to get into it, place aluminum foil around the bottom of the tree. The noise will inform you when your pet is getting into trouble—and maybe scare her away.
  • Another tip for keeping your pet, particularly cats, out of your Christmas tree, is to try spraying citrus-y scents in and around your tree to keep your furry friend away from it.
  • While tinsel is very pretty, it can also be very dangerous to your furry friend’s stomach and intestines. If you use it, keep the sparkly stuff up around the top branches and out of reach.
  • Along with tinsel, it is not a good idea to put lights near the bottom of the tree either. Your pet can get tangled or shocked if it decides to bite through the wire. Ouch!
  • For those buying live trees this year, sweep up the pine needles every day. The needles may not seem dangerous, but they can puncture your animal’s intestines if swallowed.
  • Finally, keep ornaments, especially fragile ones, out of reach. If an ornament were to fall and shatter, it could harm your animal’s paws or legs.

Now, get on with the decorating—safely. It’s time to bring on that holiday cheer!

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