Cheating in Pet Assure's Facebook Contest

It appears as though our Be My Valentine Facebook contest has seen some cheating in the form of fraudulent votes. To ensure that the gift card to is awarded fairly, we will be reintroducing the contest next week for a fresh start. Though this means the gift won't be given out in time for Valentine's Day shopping, we hope it will still be useful to pet parents who believe that every day is Spoil Your Pet Day!

To enter the revamped Facebook photo contest, you'll upload adorable photos of your pet (you can reuse the photo you entered the first time around). Friends and family can vote on your photo once a day to help you win. The key difference is that all voters will be asked to log into voting via Facebook apps to prevent cheating. This will allow us to confirm that votes in the Facebook contests are non-fraudulent. Pet Assure reserves the right to audit votes and to adjust vote counts and entries as it sees fit.

We will post updates about the contest to the Pet Assure Facebook and the Pet Assure Twitter profiles as soon as we have them. Like and follow us to get the news as soon as it's available!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the cheating in our Facebook photo contest and we'd like to thank all those who entered our contest. We loved seeing your adorable pet photos and we hope you'll reenter as soon as the new contest goes live. We'd also like to thank the fans who took the time to reach out to us about the Facebook contest cheating. We appreciate your diligence and caring!

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