How to Help Cats with Diabetes

Humans aren't the only ones who suffer from diabetes; your feline friends can get it, too. But what does it mean for your cats with diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that results from a disorder in the pancreas. Type 1 cannot be cured and is when your animal’s body isn’t creating enough insulin. Type 2 can be cured and is when the body is unable to use insulin correctly. Since obesity is a key ingredient to developing this disease, weight management is crucial in trying to treat or get rid of it. Most treatment plans for animals with diabetes include dietary restrictions, an exercise schedule and insulin injections.We'll discuss dietary restrictions in a future post, but, first, let’s talk about how your cat can get more exercise and what you need to do in terms of insulin injections.


Helping your feline get more exercise may seem more difficult than getting a dog to exercise, but it’s really not! It’s all about finding the right toy to get your animal interested. My cat, Mitzy, prefers a laser pointer. She will go nuts trying to catch that red dot! However, my parents’ cats are fond of the balls with jingle bells in them. They can chase those things all over the house and not get bored. Another fan favorite with the felines are toys with feathers on them. Find a toy that your pet loves and set a goal to play with it for one hour total every day.

Insulin Injections

Another treatment plan is most likely going to be insulin injections. The dosage will be determined by your veterinarian. And while it may seem a bit intimidating to have to give your pet insulin injections, the needles are actually quite tiny and are usually easier to do than giving your animal a pill. One important part to remember when giving your cat insulin injections is to make sure he/she is eating regularly; otherwise, he/she may be susceptible to insulin overdose.

With insulin injections and your commitment to help with just a few lifestyle changes for your pet, you can see their diabetes get better or disappear completely!

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