Cats Under Cars

What’s under your car? During the cold season, some stray cats may take refuge on—literally on— your property. It is unfortunate that there are still many stray cats that roam around streets and neighborhoods. This time of year, they might start looking for a warm place to stay. In fact, that warm place might be under the hood of your car!

Parked cars with warm motors are the ideal place to lie down, in the eyes of a cat. This space is protected from the wind and predators, and it is also warm. The animals do not realize the danger of their hiding place until it is too late. However, for you, it only takes is a few minutes to help get rid of critters in the car. You can check under the hood, or simply tap on it a few times. Another way to wake and startle the animals is to honk your car horn.

If you should find a stray cat, do what you can to make sure it’s protected. Look for a collar and name plates. If the animal does not have any, contact your local pet shelter. In the meantime, keep it away from your other pets,  because you do not know if the animal has been vaccinated or what diseases it could be carrying.

If the cat appears to be feral, or unwilling to be touched, it is best to leave it alone. Simply keep track of where the animal is, always check the hood of your car, and let your local pet shelter know.

Do you have cats keeping warm on your property? Tell us about it!

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