Cats and Rabbits Together

Can rabbits and cats successfully live together? Time to find out! Over Easter break, my sister adopted a bunny, Sherlock. Now the complicated part of adopting Sherlock was that my family also has five cats. My mother was very worried that Sherlock would not be able to be around the cats due to cats being predators and the rabbit being…well, prey. However, much to our astonishment, all of our pets love him! This scenario led me to ponder if cats typically can’t live with rabbits, or if that is just a myth. The verdict is…myth.

However, just as with introducing new pets of any type, there are ways to cause less stress when having a bunny and a cat interact for the first time. Below are some pointers:

  • Place both animals on a common floor.
  • You might want to be more protective of your new pet bunny, as your cat is the predator in this situation.
  • Allow the two animals to investigate each other, but only if they are being nice and curious. A good sign of friendly investigation is sniffing, which both rabbits and cats do when meeting new friends.
  • If the animals show signs of aggression or anxiety, remove them from the area and try again later.

After these two pets have become acquainted, you should see normal behaviors. Both animals enjoy napping, so you may see them napping with each other. However, your rabbit may become a little territorial around its cage. When this occurs, your cat will likely get the message and move away, or you might have to intervene and remove the cat.

If you have more questions or concerns regarding interactions between a rabbit and a cat, talk with your veterinarian.

Did you ever introduce 2 different pets to each other? Share the story in the comments!

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