Cats and Bugs

Fluffy, what are you eating? Have you caught your cat stalking a bug? You aren’t the only one!

While we were intently watching the Super Bowl game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, my roommate noticed that our cat was intently watching something else. A bug, to be precise. The attention of our crowd quickly turned from the football players to watching Mitzy stalk her prey. I mentioned that someone might want to kill the bug before our pet ate it. To this my roommate replied, “Oh, this cat eats bugs all the time.” That can’t be healthy, right?

It turns out that eating bugs is healthy, as long as it’s not in excess. Cats are natural-born predators. This means that they like to hunt and stalk their “prey.” In Mitzy’s case, her prey was a bug. The average spider, roach or cricket will not harm your pet. Who knew that bugs could be that tasty?

If your cat eats a lot of bugs, it could wind up with a little tummy ache. Bugs with exoskeletons, or skeletons on the outside of the body, are rough on the digestive tract. So if it eats too much, your pet might throw up the remains of the prey, versus passing it into the litter box. And if your pet doesn’t chew the bug thoroughly, it could get stuck in its throat.

If your animal begins to have a coughing fit or difficulty breathing, you should get it to your animal hospital immediately.

Do you have a cat eating bugs often? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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