Everywhere but the litter box? Your cat just peed outside the litter box. Again.

Does she hate you? Of course not! There are several reasons your cat might be behaving this way.
Firstly and most importantly, rule out any medical reason your cat might not be using the litter box. Inflammation of the urinary tract, kidney, liver or disease of the thyroid might all be reasons.
If you have an older cat, the problem might be related to age. Arthritis can make getting into the litter box difficult, and nervous system disorders could be a concern. Or, it could just be naughty behavior. If there’s no medical reason for urinating outside of the litter box, she is telling you there is something about it she doesn’t like. It might be the type of litter, where the box is located or the box itself. Picky cats!

Here are some possible solutions to keeping your carpet and floor dry:

  • Try different kinds of litter to see if your cat has a preference. If you use scented, try non-scented. If your litter is coarse, try finer litter. Of course, dirty litter is always distasteful to cats. Take care to clean the litter box often.
  • If the walls of the box are too high, get one with lower sides.  That can be helpful for older cats and kittens.
  • Make sure your cat’s litter box is out of the way. You don’t like people watching you in the bathroom, and neither does your cat.

If what your cat is doing is light spraying, he or she might just be marking their territory. While unpleasant, this behavior is completely normal. Your cat is more likely to spray if he is an unneutered male, but any cat might. They are also more likely to do so when a new cat enters the home.

Did you have the frustrating experience of kitty missing the "mark"? Did you speak to your vet about it? Please enlighten us to what your solution was, and if it worked to end this behavior.

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  1. Dixie72 says:

    WOW!! I'm so relieved to hear its just normal 'naughty behavior' and probably nothing serious. I've been really anxious about my cat Baily littering in inappropriate places lately. I guess I'll try your suggestions and hope for the best.

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