October 2012 Newsletter B

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Pet Cancer: Melanoma

Pets get melanoma too! But unlike people, it is not usually a result of too many hours lying on the beach. Canine melanoma on the skin presents as a pigmented or non-pigmented skin mass most commonly on the face, trunk, feet or scrotum. Feline melanoma on the skin presents on the head or ears. Oral melanoma grows inside the mouth. read more

Pet Websites for Rating Pet Food

Guest Post: Elliot Harvey’s Natural Health Column: A new phenomenon on the web is consumers opening up health websites and telling other consumers which products are good with their own rating system. More and more of these pet websites are appearing. Should you trust these sites? read more

Gourmet Pet Treats: Now Trending

Stores dedicated to serving our pooches are on the rise, and in the stores are yummy gourmet treats! I think it is a fair statement to make that having a pet is a rising trend. Related trends are pampering your pet, along with more businesses becoming pet friendly. There is also a rise in shops purely marketed to luxury pet products and gourmet pet food. read more