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Tapeworm in Pets

Just like humans, your dog or cat can experience a problem with a tapeworm. However, the symptoms of a tapeworm in cats will vary from those in dogs.

Horse Nutrition

Owning a horse is something many people find a challenge, simply because it involves a bit more work than they originally realize. However, armed with energy and the right knowledge, it can also be...

Burmilla Cat

An intelligent, medium-sized breed, the gentle Burmilla is a beautiful feline that is good with children and makes a wonderful family pet.

Pomeranians as Pets

If you are looking for a small, but lively pet that makes a great companion, the Pomeranian might be just the right dog for you. This breed is affectionate, good-natured and very loyal to...

Pet Obesity

Just as human obesity seems to have escalated in recent years, so has the obesity level of our pets. Obesity in cats and dogs is unhealthy, and is now one of the most common...