Category: May 2014 Newsletter B

Pet Flea Season

Guest Post: Elliot Harvey's Natural Health Column: Flea season is back–time to prepare your pet Spring–the rebirth of long dormant vibrant colors, the aromatic smell of flowers, the call of the blue jay, lush vegetables on the vine, fruiting trees. It is a time when nature pours forth all of her glory and beauty. It is also the dawn of a new season–flea season.

Ask Seth: Dog Will Not Eat Dog Food

I have a lab mix that I shower with love. She was a rescue I got in June 2013. I have shared my table food with her, and now she won't eat dog food. She has always been a picky eater and was eating Nuturo max. How can I transition back to dog food? I currently put a spoonful of dog food in her chicken livers, and hearts and gizzards. Ellen from Woodbridge, VA