March 2012 Newsletter A

Caring For a Cat That Is a Senior

The life expectancy of the average indoor cat is 12 to 18 years.  Search the internet however, and you’ll find tales of much older felines. They include Lucy from South Wales, purported to be 40 years old as of January 2012, and Crème Puff of Texas, who passed away in 2005 at the age of 38. While these cats serve as unique specimens of feline longevity, we may bestow the title of “senior cat” upon any housecat over the age of ten.  read more

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Ask Seth: Vegetarian Dog Food?

I have a friend who is a strict vegetarian and is considering adopting a dog. She said she plans on making the dog eat a vegetarian diet too. I have read that soy is considered a poor filler in dog foods. Is there any way for her to keep a dog healthy on a vegetarian diet? What is the best diet for dogs? read more

Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners #1

If you're a pet owner, this statement won't surprise you; pet care is expensive. For all those folks looking for ways to trim pet care expenses without sacrificing your furry companion's quality of life, I'll be writing a brief series with money saving tips. read more

Lead Poisoning in Pets

Our pets have a tendency to chew on things that we wouldn't expect them to. This leads to poisonings and toxicities that can make them quite ill. Lead is one such toxic material, which is most commonly found in household items such as paint, linoleum and plumbing supplies. read more