Category: June 2012 Newsletter B

Eyelid Problems in Dogs and Cats

Eyelid problems in dogs and cats usually lead to irritation of the cornea as a result of hairs or masses of the eyelid constantly rubbing on the cornea. Irritation to the cornea can lead to corneal ulceration and infection. Signs include squinting, redness, discharge from the eye and rubbing of the eye. There are three common eyelid diseases that lead to irritation of the eye.

Dog Symptoms

Many concerned consumers are calling asking about pet food recalls and symptoms that they should look for in their pets. With so many name brands on the recall list, consumer confidence and trust is very shaky. Hopefully, this will shake up pet food manufacturers and lead to higher quality products from reliable sources and make cleanliness a priority. An educated consumer on quality ingredients rather than falling for marketing glitz can also help alleviate many dog health issues. Look for quality brands that have never been involved in a recall and learn about ingredients.

Allergies in Cats

Itchy, watery eyes. Nasal congestion. Chronic sneezing. These seasonal allergy symptoms strike millions of Americans every year, primarily in the spring and fall. Our pockets overflowing with tissues, we make midnight runs to the drugstore for over-the-counter medications–then sniffle our days away until the pollen, cotton or mold counts have returned to baseline levels. Seasonal allergies are inconvenient at best and miserable at worst–but do you know they can also affect your feline companion? The symptoms of seasonal allergies in cats are actually quite similar to those experienced by humans–including the runny nose, sneezing and watery, itchy eyes.