Category: July 2012 Newsletter B

Dog Story: Romance through a Dog!

A client once told me an incredibly romantic dog story that would rival the plot for any Katherine Heigl Rom-Com. It involved his dog Max, a slightly daft Springer Spaniel. The owner and his wife had acquired Max and his female litter-mate many years ago. Sadly, the couple decided to divorce and circumstances forced them to re-home both dogs, a devastating decision that was made in an already difficult situation.

New Pet Products

In today's world globalization of commerce, new and exciting products are being tested and utilized for animal's well being. Many of these products may be bought at local health food stores while some pet companies are starting to utilize them in pet foods, treats and supplements. Some of these incredible ingredients have been used for thousands of years for humans and pets. Let's look at some of these intriguing and wonderful natural pet products.

Pet Symptoms

Rocky was what most would call a spunky cat – always getting into mischief around the house, romping about with the family dog and begging his owners for attention. Then one day his behavior began to change. Instead of his usual routine of near constant motion, he was reluctant to leave his bed on the windowsill. Rather than seek the company of his human companions, he became withdrawn and aloof. His owners, noticing the alteration in his activity level, and concerned about his pet health, took Rocky to the veterinarian. Arthritis was the diagnosis.

Cow Appreciation Day

July 13 is Cow Appreciation Day, so…MOO! While they aren't typically your standard household pet, cows are important animals to the American lifestyle. And for those who live on farms, a cow could very well be the beloved family pet. So, in honor of Cow Appreciation day, let's consider how to make her life on the farm a great one.