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How would you feel if your dog or cat ever went missing? Devastated, I bet! Well, the best way to ensure that you get your pet back if he or she ever goes missing is to get him/her microchipped. A pet microchip is a tiny chip the size of a grain of rice which is injected using a needle under the skin, usually between the shoulder blades. The chip contains a unique number which can be found using a special scanner. The number is looked up on a database which links the number to the details of the owner. So if your microchipped pet ever goes missing, the person who finds it will hopefully take it to an animal hospital or shelter, where it will be scanned and you can then be contacted and informed that your pet has been found!

Cat Charities

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it," so said William Arthur Ward, American author and motivational speaker. As pet owners, gratitude is something we feel towards our furry, feathered and finned companions every single day. They better our lives in so many ways that we cannot help but express our love and appreciation with cuddles, comfort, and, according to the American Pet Products Association, more than $50 billion dollars of food, supplies, vet care, toys and other essentials every year. If you have any cash left over after you finish pampering your own pets this holiday season, consider giving a donation to one of these worthy feline charities.

Helping Pets by Adopting and Fostering

Guest Post: Elliot Harvey's Natural Health Column: Tis the season to be jolly! Happiness is in the air, good tidings to all. Walking and standing tall, enjoying Holiday cheer. Giving thanks and rejoicing- a special time for all? Let's make a resolution to help pets in adoption centers and animal shelters, and all the pets needing loving homes.