Category: December 2012 Newsletter A

Pet Food Allergies

In some households, such as mine, the pets will eat anything and everything. However, some pets, just like humans, have sensitive tummies. As I mentioned in a previous blog, with the holidays right around the corner, it's time to stock up on your pet's favorite treats. If your pet suffers from pet food allergies or is on a very strict diet, have no fear! You just need to find the perfect recipe and correct ingredients, and your pooch will soon have a satisfied tummy.

Pets and Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time for the family, including for our four-legged family members. What could be better for our pets than having all the human family members in one room and in a relaxed state of mind? However, the holidays are also a time when vet hospitals are busiest, as our attention is divided between a hundred different things and it is easy to overlook pet health.

Cat Stress And Holidays

Cleaning, shopping, cooking, more shopping, wrapping, last minute shopping–for many of us, the frantic pace and massive to-do lists that accompany the holidays are a definite source of seasonal stress. But did you know that cats often get a little cranky this time of year, too? You may have hung Marshmallow's stocking by the chimney with care, but you've also disrupted her routine–and that always causes cat stress.