December 11 Newsletter

Dog Behavior Problems: Is My Dog Obsessed With Me or Just Stressed?

Pet owners love their animals very much, and many treat their pets like family, as if they were human members of their household. In return, our pets give us the love and attention we need and crave from them, without hesitation or expecting anything in return. However, there are times when your pet’s affection can seem excessive and overwhelming at times, even a bit more like an obsession than love. With puppies and very young dogs, this behavior is not uncommon and may be more dog separation anxiety than real obsession, coupled with the fact that they truly just love you and love being near you. read more

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Dogs With Seizures: Understanding and Caring for Them

WHAT IS A SEIZURE? Surprisingly, seizures in dogs are more common than most pet owners are aware. A seizure is an uncontrollable reaction to a sudden neurological burst of activity occurring in the brain. In some instances, this excessive concentration … read more