Category: August 2013 Newsletter B

Pet Anxiety: When You Go on Vacation

Bye, bye Fido. We'll be back soon! This is the time of year that many families take vacations. Here are some tips to help your pet cope when the family leaves him for a few days. If your pet is anything like ours, it hates to see you leave. Those sad puppy eyes always grip us as we are leaving, and we all feel incredibly guilty. But summertime is time for a few days away, and taking pets along isn't always an option. How can you make the transition easier for your pet?

Ask Seth: Lilies and Cats

Are Asiatic lilies in the same family as others when it comes to cats? I just planted an Asiatic lily in my garden last week. I didn't know that they are poison for cats. I've never heard of the Asiatic lily and it looks nothing like the other varieties. I have a neighbor's cat that has decided to hang out in my front yard. He's about six years old and has never touched any plants of any kind. Please tell me I don't have to dog up my beautiful plant. My cats live inside so they can't get to it. (I do have a couple that will chew on anything.) Thank you, Patricia Borst