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Ask Seth: Dogs Weight Loss

My pug is nearly 30 pounds and my groomer and vet say that my dog is overweight and need to lose 8 pounds. He runs around the house all the time and I feel that he gets enough exercise. What can I do to get him to lose the weight? Is it the food I feed him? I only feed him 3 cups once a day and do not want to reduce the feed any more. Please help!!!!

Pet Hair Removal

If you're the proud owner of a dog or cat, chances are you've dealt with a few "hairy" situations. These may include giving office presentations in a suit comprised of more cat hair than wool, rushing a guest to the emergency room after your dog hair encrusted couch triggers an allergic reaction or picking pet hair out of the brownies you baked for your son's kindergarten class. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the situation. Consider the following methods to de-fur your home of pet hair.