April 2012 Newsletter B

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Tracheal Collapse in Dogs

The trachea, or windpipe, is made up of several cartilage rings joined together by ligaments. Tracheal Collapse, or Dynamic Airway Disease, is a condition whereby weakening of the cartilage rings causes collapse of the trachea and a dynamic reduction of the tracheal diameter. The narrowing of the trachea means that airflow, and therefore breathing, becomes more difficult in affected dogs. read more

How To Pick A Cat

Choosing a cat for the first time is a truly wonderful experience. Sometimes it's easy; your future pet may even "choose" you. Maybe she's a stray who shows up on your doorstep, or a kitten you find all alone in your yard. Perhaps his welcoming paw reaches out through cage bars as you wander the local animal rescue. In a single moment, your life changes for the better-you’ve found your perfect furry friend. Picking a feline companion on your own may not be as easy, but it's just as much fun. read more