Pet Care and Tips

Keeping your Pet Calm at the Vet

Pet Assure runningNot all dogs and cats love their trips to the vet. Some pets can even sense an upcoming vet trip well in advance. Although the vet is a place where you go to keep your pet safe and healthy, to her, it’s a loud place with weird machines and sharp things that are not much fun. Pet Assure wants to share a few tips with you that might help you and your dog or cat next time you visit the vet. read more

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Thinking about introducing another pet to your home?

shutterstock_458014720 CroppedMost pet owners want to bring more of that sweet, unmatched love of animals into our homes, so we think about getting another pet. Here are some tips and things to think about if you are hoping to add another pet to your household. read more

Pets and Sleep

Dogs on BedDog-tired. Cat nap. Early bird. What do these expressions have in common?We say we're "dog-tired" when we’re simply exhausted. And cat naps might be the answer to make up lost sleep. With a good night's rest, you might even become an early bird. But if your pet actually is a dog, or a cat, or even a bird, restful sleep can be hard to come by. Because these pets can make it hard for you to "sleep tight" each night. read more

Diseases Cats Spread to Humans

Holding Pet CatLast month, I shared this fact about cats and dogs: it's not likely that you could spread your cold or flu to them, or that they could spread your germs to your family or friends. But there are some illnesses pets can spread to people. read more