Michelle Kamen

Beware The Bufo Toad!

Bufo Toad

Beware the bufo! That’s the word from pet experts in the south, especially in the spring. They’re talking about the cane, or bufo toad. And it’s mostly pets, not people, that can be in danger. The frog used to be imported in order to kill plant-eating pests. That was an epic fail! Instead, it kills pets—and leaves the bugs alone! When these frogs feel threatened, they secrete a milky, toxic fluid from their skin. Vet experts say that just a little of this fluid can cause life-threatening heart problems in pets. This venom is so poisonous that it has killed both dogs and cats that simply play with them. But the poison could be dangerous to humans, too: some people have died from eating them—or even from just eating their eggs.

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