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Excessive Dog Shedding

Help! My dog sheds like crazy! As most dog parents will tell you, pet ownership isn't just cold noses, sloppy kisses and vigorous tail wagging–it's also dealing with pet hair. But when the shedding goes from a manageable amount to epic proportions, it's time to ask for help–as one Pet Assure reader did this month. read more

Pet Vaccination Considerations

We recently wrote about the core pet vaccinations necessary to ensure the best dog and cat health. The American Association of Feline Practitioners and American Animal Hospital Association's Canine Task Force have each published recommendations for veterinarians and pet owners. Unfortunately, many people still fail to have their furry family members vaccinated–and could be risking their lives as a result. For some, vaccination cost may be a deterrent. For others, it may be fear of potential side effects. If you're uncertain about vaccinating your pet–for whatever reason–consider the following. read more