August 2014 Newsletter A

Our First August Cat Winners: The Itty Bits

These are the Itty Bits. Victoria rescued the mommy, Itty Bit who was about 5 months old and very thin. As her belly grew, Victoria thought she was just gaining weight, but on Memorial Day, 2009, she went to find her to take her in for a check up and behold she was giving birth! She was amazing to watch as she cared and raised her babies. Victoria believes she has human instincts, or we have animals instincts, as she was and still is an amazing mother to her babies who will be 5 years old this May, 2014. First born next to Mommy, (who is the tortoise color) is Sunshine, Portia ( Minx) and Sebastian. Itty Bit also raised two adopted kittens that were found shortly after the birth of her babies.

Special thanks to Victoria Tague for sharing this delightful picture with our subscribers!

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