Category: Ask the Vet

Ask Seth: Goldfish Diet

I don't know if you know much about goldfish, I got 2 that were not taken very good care of — their tank was in terrible shape, I don't think it had been cleaned in months. Anyway, I read on the computer to feed fish lettuce and other vegetables. Is that right? If so, can you explain how to feed it to them? Sandra Yeager

Ask Seth: Best Pet Products

There are many products, but which method is best for ear cleaning for dogs as well as dog nail trimmers, which are hard to find the right size? And do they really work? There a lot of products, but which really get the job done? Would be great to know! Thank you, Ivonne Casallas

Ask Seth: Dogs and Cat Food

Hi Seth, I'm hoping you could help me with a problem. Recently, my dog is eating cat food. I tried putting the food up on my cat's steps that she uses to get on my bed, but because she has arthritis, going up and down the steps was difficult for her. Do you have any suggestions? And, is cat food bad for dogs? BTW, my dog is a cocker spaniel mix. Thank you, Rae V.

Ask Seth: Dog Limping

I have a VERY large German Shepard who loves to run after and jump for rubber balls. We adopted him in June 2013 at 4 1/2 years old. We have noticed that sometimes the dog limps, but he doesn't seem to be in actual pain. I have given him Cocusmin and he got better, but he is limping again even though he is still taking the medicine. We can't get him to stay inside for any length of time to rest the leg… any ideas? Diane L.

Ask Seth: Dog Scratching

My dog is constantly scratching. She has no fleas and benadryl (diphenhydramine) does nothing for her. I've tried oatmeal shampoos and tried a variety of foods. Nothing. The vet says there is nothing more to do. HELP!!!!!!!!! -Pat

Ask Seth: Growth on Dog

Hi Seth. We have a 7 year old yellow lab who is like our daughter to my wife & I. She has a growth on her leg. We took her to our local vet here about a year ago and he looked at it and said that because it is located on her rear leg joint, it might cause her leg problems if he removed it… He wasn't very convincing – acted as though he was not too sure of himself when he talked with us, so I really would like your professional opinion.