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Ask Seth: Dog Diabetes

My 6 year old male puggle was diagnosed with diabetes about 5 months ago. His numbers are still really irregular. I was wondering should he not be regulated by now? Also now he started panting all the time & developed some brown patches on his skin in the back. Would like to know if you know anything about this? Thank you, Marta

Ask Seth: Litter Box Issues

Dear Seth, A few months ago, my cat started pooping on the floor instead of the litter. I consulted the vet and one of the assistants had the same problem. The Fresh Step litter had added carbon and we figured she didn't like the new odors as it was strong. I tried another Fresh Step and she didn't like it either. So we have switched to Scoop Away Unscented. It seemed to help as long as we kept the litter very, very clean. But now twice she has pooped on the floor after installing clean litter. I could spray the bathroom rugs but she may poop elsewhere! What can I tell a cat sitter when I go on vacation? What is this? What can we do? She shares the litter with our other cat who is fastidious. Thanks. Lillian in Yorktown Heights, NY

Ask Seth: Dog Diabetes Diet

Dear Seth, I have a Mini schnauzer and we just found out she has dog diabetes. She is getting shots now, 2 times a day. Is there any way she will be normal? Maybe the diabetes go away if she loses weight? And what kind of food is she allowed to eat? Can you please help me out? Thank you so very much. Looking forward to hearing from you, James Harrel

Ask Seth: Dog Will Not Eat Dog Food

I have a lab mix that I shower with love. She was a rescue I got in June 2013. I have shared my table food with her, and now she won't eat dog food. She has always been a picky eater and was eating Nuturo max. How can I transition back to dog food? I currently put a spoonful of dog food in her chicken livers, and hearts and gizzards. Ellen from Woodbridge, VA

Ask Seth: Cat Litter Box Issue

We have an aging cat (15+ years old) who "forgets" where the litter box is and this cat eliminates inappropriately in two or three spots in the living room and dining room. We've put pads down and that helps a little bit, but our floors are taking a beating. What do we do? Liat Novek