Dusty the “Klepto Kitty” Gives Cat Burglary a New Meaning


I once had a Burmese mix who loved to steal. As he was an indoor-only cat, he could not steal from the neighbors. Instead, his sticky paws usually found their way into my jewelry box and bathroom drawers. I will always remember the night I awoke at 2 a.m. to the sound of rustling on my bedside table. Snapping on the light, I found Calvin with the strap of my brand new watch in his mouth. The chase was on as I leapt from the bed, Calvin bolted down the hall with his loot. I retrieved my watch from beneath the living room sofa where he had stashed it along with his collection of pencils, earrings and other small treasures. Calvin sat in the middle of the floor. He gazed at me with innocent eyes, wearing a look that said, “Who? Me?”

Dusty makes Calvin look like a first offender. He is certainly a pro, having stolen at least 600 items over the span of three years (and as many as 11 on a “lucky” night). Dusty was recently caught red-pawed by a night vision camera. The footage of this San Mateo, California kitty “engaging in crime” was featured on the new Animal Planet television show “Must Love Cats.”

Items Dusty drags home include neighbors’ toys, socks, sneakers, sponges, swim goggles, towels, gloves, swimwear and underwear. He shows no preference for boxers over briefs, but is quite fond of bikini tops. To date, neighbors have not pressed charges, sparing Dusty the humiliation of a mug shot and paw printing. His owners report that most of them know where to come when their belongings go missing. However, one must wonder. Now that his cover is officially blown, will Dusty’s crime spree continue?

What do you think? Is it possible to prevent a cat from repeating crime? Do you have any of your own “pet crime” stories? Share your thoughts on if and how it is possible teach your “guilty” cat a lesson.

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