Cat Toilet Training

Myth or truth: Can you really toilet train a cat?

I am sure many a mouth dropped open when Jinxy, the prize cat in “Meet the Parents,” jumped up and used the toilet. After the moment of surprise, I am sure many movie-goers then thought, “What a great idea!” The next thought was likely, “But, can you really toilet train your cat?"

Well, the answer is…yes! With lots of patience and training, you can have your own toilet trained cat!

Read below for the steps cat toilet training.

  • Move the litter so that it is right beside the toilet you wish for your cat to use. Keep the litter box there for at least a day. This gets your cat used to the new location.
  • Gradually raise the litter box to be more level to the toilet. This can be done by placing phone books or other bulky items under the litter box. Make sure it’s a very stable platform. This step should be repeated daily until the litter box is level to the toilet.
  • Start to move the litter box to be directly over the toilet. Only move the box about 1 inch per day. Once the litter box is above the toilet, start to decrease the amount of litter used in the box until there is only a fine layer of litter left.
  • Replace the litter box with a “training box.” This needs to be a box that is placed under the seat of the toilet. Some ideas are to put wax paper under the toilet seat, to make it look like a drum. Use flushable litter if you can. If you have a septic system, check to make sure that’s okay.
  • Cut a hole into the wax paper. Gradually increase the size of the hole until it’s the size of the toilet opening.
  • Flush the toilet after your cat uses it. It is recommended that you do not train your pet to flush the toilet. Some owners have found that some cats will flush just for the sound or the reward, and not because they have used the toilet.
  • Reward your pet. This encourages for the good behavior and training to continue.

Have you trained your cat to use the toilet? Let us know how you did it!

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