Cat Potty Problems

Cats can be very sensitive about their “bathrooms,” or cat litter boxes. They can also have some bad bathroom behaviors!

I grew up in an extremely animal-friendly household. Currently, my parents have three dogs, five cats and one bunny. So I’ve seen a range of behaviors related to animals and their restrooms of choice. When it comes to cats, unfortunately, just because you provide a litter box does not mean that that is where your animal will go to use the potty. For example, my parents have a feline named Izharra that likes to use rugs as a restroom instead. If this sounds like a cat in your household, don’t worry! With some tips and a little understanding, you will be able to fix poor bathroom behaviors in no time.

For starters, it is helpful to understand why your cat isn’t using the litter box. Below are some common reasons:

  • Too dirty. My roommate’s pet, Mitzy, will not use a litter box that she deems too unclean. We clean her box about every four days. For households with more cats, it should be cleaned once every two or three days.
  • Too smelly. Along the lines of cleanliness, Izharra does not like sharing her litter box with our other cat, Jack. Jack is a very large tuxedo that has very smelly bathroom habits. Once Izharra got her own litter box in a different area than Jack’s, she quit peeing on the rugs.
  • Too crowded. Once you get up to a certain number of animals, invest in more than one litter box. Personally, I would recommend one litter box per two cats. Some breeders use the rule of thumb: one and a half boxes for every two cats.
  • Illness. If your cat’s litter box is clean and fresh, and she still misses the mark, talk to your vet. The cause might be related to illness.

Everyone likes to have a clean, private bathroom. Even cats!

Did you ever have cat litter box problems? Share tips with us in the comment section!

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