Cat Nail Care

My, what big claws you have! Do you know when it’s time to get a new scratching post? How about when it’s time to trim cat’s nails? Time to find out!

My roommate’s cat, Mitzy, absolutely loves to sharpen her claws. Fortunately, she doesn’t scratch up our furniture, but she can do major damage to a scratching post. Right now, she has a cat tower that is covered in carpet, a scratching board and another wooden scratching post. Even with all of these things, her claws can still get to be pretty long and sharp. For other cat owners who have this challenge, we are going to find out when you should trim your cat’s claws and when you should replace scratching posts.

You should trim your cat’s nails about every ten days to two weeks. Too far apart between clippings, and the pet forgets what to expect. Not every cat enjoys a pedicure. So this will allow for your pet to get settled into a routine. If your animal doesn’t like getting its claws trimmed, or you’re unsure how to do it, either take it to your veterinarian or to a local pet store for a quick lesson. A local groomer can also do it for you.

As for the scratching post, replacing it depends on how often your feline uses it. A good sign for me is when the material starts getting stringy. For example, Mitzy had really gone to town on a particular section of carpet on her cat tower. The material got so stringy that she got her claw stuck, which was not a fun experience for her. In terms of her scratching board, my roommate will replace that when big chunks of cardboard are missing.

No one likes a hangnail, not even our furry friends! So help them out with a nail trim and fresh scratching posts.

How often do you trim your cat's nails? Give us your tips in the comments!

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