Cat Litter Box Issues

Is one of your cats territorial over the cat litter box? If so, we have some tips we hope will help!

My parents currently have five cats and one kitten. While the number of cats can be fun, it can be a hassle at times. For example, my mom has noticed that some of the animals do not like sharing the litter box with others. Why would this be?

Sometimes a cat can be anxious of other animals, and begin to prefer to not share its litter box. One of the most common reasons is that the animal does not get along with the other pets. An easy solution would be to provide an additional litter box. Actually, a breeder I know says you should have one litter box for every cat.

However, if stress is the problem, you might get results by trying some other things to make the litter box a better situation. For starters, try to make sure each animal has its own special spot to relax around the house. Having to share a resting place along with a bathroom can cause quite a bit of tension! If you can, open up your home a bit more. For example, our five cats each have their own favorite place. One prefers to lie on top of the dryer, one prefers to sleep on beds and the others like to lie in the sunroom. This allows all of the animals to have their own space and not be crammed together.

Adopting a new animal can also cause stress. If you have just acquired a kitten, as my parents have, keep it separated for a while. My mom made a temporary litter box out of a cardboard gift box with aluminum foil placed on the bottom. Having such a “trainer” litter box, if you will, allows for the other cats to get to know the kitten without getting their privacy invaded. Once all the felines get along, the kitten can be upgraded to a big cat litter box.

Who knew that the litter box could be so stressful? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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