Cat Jumping

Do you have a porch or balcony that you dread your cat will jump off of? Learn how to keep your furry friend safe from this danger.

Almost everyone in our culture has heard the saying that a cat always lands on its feet. However, that is very hard to believe when you see your beloved pet preparing to jump off a high balcony or porch. For you pet-owners who have experienced this moment of concern, let’s prevent it from happening again! And for those of you who haven’t experienced this concern, we have some ideas to keep it that way!

Tips to keep your pet safe from that pesky ledge:

  • If you do see your pet jump onto a ledge or prepare to jump off the balcony, remain calm. Do not startle or scare your pet. Instead, call your animal to get its attention. Call it to come to you if you’re on the same level he is. If this is a common problem, keep treats handy and try to coax your pet away from the ledge using the offer of a tasty treat.
  • See if you can ensure that there is nothing else that your cat can jump to. Typically, your pet will realize how far it is away from the ground, and it won’t attempt to jump if it’s too far. However, if it sees something fun to jump to, such as a roof or a neighbor’s porch, he might be persuaded to take the leap. So scope out the balcony/porch area before you allow the pet to adventure out onto it.
  • There is always the option to keep the balcony/porch area blocked off. While this may not be the most desirable course of action, it may be the wisest if you have a cat or dog who likes to jump, climb or escape.

Cats—and dogs, perhaps—only have nine lives. Use them sparingly!

Do you have a high porch or ledge? How do you prevent your pet from jumping off? Tell us in the comments!

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