Cat Games

The art of entertaining a persnickety cat… Incorporate some cat games into your daily routine with your cat for some fun!

There is currently a cat living in my apartment, and she is not the nicest furry creature I have ever encountered. She is a cat that would prefer to be left alone and not touched. This includes, but is not limited to: petting, brushing, holding or even walking around her. Yet, the one thing she tolerates us humans for is playing.

For other cat owners with a cranky animal, here are some fun games to use as bonding time, along with getting your pet to exercise!

  • Jingle Bells: Mitzy, our cat, loves to play with balls that have jingle bells in the center . She especially loves when my roommate and I are on each end of the room, and we roll the ball back and forth. Avoid cheap stuffed toys, often shaped like mice, that have bells inside. A cat breeder friend of ours calls them “thousand dollar mice,” because more than one aggressive cat has gotten to the bell and swallowed it. Then, expensive surgery can become the only treatment.
  • Laser Pointer: if you ever want to tire a cat out, invest in a laser pointer. Simply turn off the lights or find a darker area of the room and have your cat chase the pointer. A word to the wise: if your cat has sharp claws, do not put the laser pointer on another person, as they may get scratched accidentally! Also, be careful to not point the laser into your pet’s eyes—or anyone else’s. When your kitty looks worn out, be kind and put the pointer away for another day!
  • Hide and Seek: Mitzy loves to indulge her inner-predator. We have a toy that is essentially a ball attached to a string. If we hide the ball from Mitzy’s line of vision, she will chase the ball. Once she has chased it, we yank the string away so that she can chase it some more. While this may not be the particular style of play for your pet, it may work well for some.

There’s nothing better than playtime like this! It can be fun for both of you.

Do you have any good ideas for how to entertain a cat? Share them with us in the comments!

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