Cat Ear Health

Does your cat get a lot of ear infections? Learn why and how to prevent them! My parents have five cats, and one common trend that I have noticed is that every one of them has had an cat ear infection. Why would this be? And is there any way to prevent it?

It turns out that over fifty percent of felines have at least one ear infection. And it is a very specific ear infection…mites! Ear mites are tiny, eight-legged parasites that feed on the wax and oils in your pet’s ear canal. They make the ear irritated and inflamed. In other words, red and swollen. Yikes! While dogs can get mites, they are much more common in cats.

Some symptoms of mites include:

  • Excessive scratching and rubbing of the ears
  • Shaking of the head
  • Hair loss
  • Black or brown discharge from the ears
  • Strong odor around the area

Ear mites are highly contagious and are often passed from animal to animal. If you notice these symptoms, isolate your cat from other family animals and schedule a visit with your veterinarian. If your pet does have mites, your veterinarian will decide on the best course of treatment. To prevent future feline ear infections, you may want to make it a routine to clean and check your pet’s ears. Again, rely on your vet to learn whether and how to clean them. It’s one more way to show them you care!

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