Cat Bites

In a recent blog, we discussed what to do if your furry feline gets a scratch. What should you do if the injury is worse—and your cat got bitten?

In a recent blog, I wrote about how one of my cats got into a fight and came out with a scratch. A bigger worry might be a bite. Bites can come from all sorts of predators, not just other felines. For instance, our cats have been bitten by snakes and opossums throughout the years.

If you see one bite, check your pet thoroughly for others. Once you find a wound, it will be easier to examine if you clip the hair around it. If the wound is bleeding a lot, get some gauze and apply pressure to the area. For almost all bite wounds, call to get an appointment with your veterinarian. With pet bites, it’s often hard to really assess how much damage there is. For example, a deep wound may not bleed a lot, but your cat could have injured muscles or tissues deeper below the skin. Another reason to see your veterinarian as soon as possible is because of the risk of infection. If the bacteria gets caught in your pet’s body, it could lead to some pretty serious infections. Finally, your pet may need stitches if the bite is severe enough. This is especially difficult to determine if you have a squirming animal!

While scratches can usually be taken care of at home, bites are more serious. So take Fluffy to the veterinarian for inspection.

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