Caring For a Dog after Birth

In a recent blog post , we went through the process of what happens when your dog gives birth. Now, it’s time to learn about how to care for your dog afterwards.

Recently, we discussed how to help your dog give birth during the actual delivery of puppies. So now, what should you do after the little ones come out? For the most part, your pet will know what to do. Make sure that your new mommy is licking the puppies clean, and that she is cutting the umbilical cords with her teeth. These actions are important not only because it cleans the puppies, but it also stimulates their first breaths. If you do not see your pooch begin to lick the new babies, step in to help. Use a clean, warm towel and gently rub the puppy. The newborn should begin suckling, or nursing, immediately. Next, if the new mom does not allow the puppies to nurse, you will most likely have to bottle-feed them. If this happens, call your veterinarian to walk you through this process.

If you notice your dog beginning to eat the umbilical cords and placentas, which is also called the “after birth,” do not worry. This behavior is normal in our furry friends and typically does not hurt them. But if your pooch eats more than two of the afterbirths, she may get a tummy ache.

After this part of the birthing process, the babies will still heavily rely on mom because—and you might not know this—they are born blind. The new mom will use her tongue on the puppies to stimulate urination and defecation, or pee and poo, for several weeks. If your pet does not do this, talk to your veterinarian.

Stay tuned to learn more about raising the puppies until it is time for them to be adopted!

Did you ever have puppies born in your house? Give us your tips in the comment section!

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