How to Care for a Persian Cat

The Flat-Face Syndrome: Persian cats are a very unique breed mostly known for their very flat faces.

Persians are gorgeous cats. However, like any other animal breed, Persians are known to have certain health problems. These health problems mostly focus around their eyes and noses because they are a flat faced cat. To avoid your Persian contracting a sinus or eye problem, be sure to incorporate the following habits in your routine for caring for your pet.

Be sure to wipe around your cat’s eyes at least twice a day to remove any dirt or yucky stuff that might be stuck there. You can do this be using a slightly damp paper towel or wash rag. Once you have your cleaning material, wipe your cat’s eye from the inside corner towards the outside. Be very gentle when doing this because this breed has very tender skin and will not like a rough touch. If you have recently gotten a Persian kitten, be sure to start this regimen as soon as possible. The younger you start cleaning their face, the calmer they will be during cleaning time.

Always be on the lookout for any eye or sinus infections as Persians tend to pick up those infections rather easily, due to their facial structure. You should take your pet to the vet if it is squinting its eyes more than normal, the eye looks red or your cat seems to be in discomfort.

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